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Welcome to Your Finance School, The main aim to create this website is to provide basic to advance level finance knowledge. This website provides you all required information based on all finance instruments like Mutual Fund, Stock Market, Insurance, Bonds, NCDs, Deposits and different government saving & investment schemes. So, please stay tuned with this platform and improve your financial knowledge with us.

Prath Patel the owner of this blog

I am Parth Patel, the owner of this website. Basically I am from the science stream and after completing my master’s in May-2014 I started a job in software development company as trainee DotNet engineer. But I was not bright in coding and programming. I was not interested to continue this field because I understood that programming is not my cup of tea. Also, I didn’t get to much salary in that job. So, within 6 months I leave that job.

My Journey In Finance Field

In March-2015 my school friend approached me about the job in broking firm, where he is earning a good salary with a healthy incentive. I started a job in that broking company in April-2015. This job is like a turning point in my life because before this job I didn’t know about any financial instruments like Stocks, Mutual funds, Insurance, Bonds, NCDs, IPO, etc. I just knew about Fixed Deposit. Currently, I have completed 4 successful years in this field and grab vast knowledge of different finance products, also good knowledge of money management and financial planning. The finance field is so vast I don’t want to limit my self. So, I am also learning different aspects of this field and sure I will share that knowledge with you via this platform.